Criminal Intelligence Analysis Unit (CIAU)

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) Criminal Intelligence Analysis Unit (CIAU) provides administrative and operational intelligence analysis of data relating to 911 calls for service and criminal incidents recorded in Lincoln County by the Sheriff’s Office and an additional six municipalities which include:

  • Troy
  • Moscow Mills
  • Old Monroe
  • Elsberry
  • Winfield
  • Hawk Point

In addition to intel and criminal analytic data, CIAU provides tools to enhance the safety of our community, and administrative law enforcement support, which include:

  • Public Crime Mapping (Historical and Live)
    • 911 Calls for Service
    • Crime Maps/Incidents (UCR Part 1 & 2)
    • Historical Crime Map 2019 thru 2021
    • Drug/Overdose Incidents
    • Micro-Community Crime Maps
    • Various Heat Maps
  • Sex Offender Search Application
  • Request Extra Patrol Application
  • Register a Camera Application
  • Help Identify Application
  • Lincoln County Motor Vehicle Accident Maps

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The principal mission of the CIAU is to provide quality and timely intelligence products designed to support the mission of the LCSO.  Specific goals have been established for the unit which are:

  • Supporting the mission of the LCSO through analysis of data
  • Provide a baseline for the strategic planning of data-driven policing
  • Assisting the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) by providing pertinent analytical services for their cases
  • Supporting the Patrol Division utilizing geospatial crime data, including past and current crime trends, for the effective allocation of resources to combat present and future crime

Pertinent Strategic Goals and Objectives from the Sheriff’s Five Year Plan

  • Goal 2: Utilize intelligence-driven policing strategies to reduce Violent Crime and Property Crime at or below the average for the past five-years.
  • Objective 2.1: Maintain an active Crime Analyst function using intelligence- driven policing strategies, including real-time crime analysis to deploy resources to the areas most needed.
  • Objective 2.2: Strengthen Community-Policing efforts for more collaboration between the public and police to fight crime.
  • Objective 2.3: Improve coordination & information sharing among all law enforcement partners to build better cases and improved response times to critical incidents.
  • Objective 2.4: Optimize available resources by using technology as a force multiplier.
  • Objective 2.5: Introduce the social network approach to post-release engagement with high-risk offenders to decrease recidivism.

 LCSO Mission Statement

 Our mission is to provide a safe and secure environment for all those we serve by safeguarding life, protecting property, and preserving the peace, while defending the rights and liberties guaranteed to every person by the Constitution of the United States of America.

 GIS Conditions and Use Policy

The GIS and other data offered within the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office Intel & Criminal Analytics Portal is provided as a service to the citizens of Lincoln County, Missouri and to the general public. Unauthorized attempts to upload or manipulate information on this website is prohibited.  Data displayed within this portal is public information and is largely available to copy or distribute and utilizes the best available information at the time of publication, and occasionally, after incidents have been recorded and published for public consumption, the data may change.  Please be advised that this may result in minor differences in future reports. 

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Criminal Intelligence Analysis Unit