The Criminal Investigations Division is staffed by a team of professional investigators, crime scene technicians, and investigative coordinators.  At any given time, criminal investigations may have up to 200 active cases they are pursuing.  The primary sections within the division are crimes against persons, sex offender compliance, property crimes, and crime scene.  Within each section there are subdivisions to allow for specialized focus areas. 

Crimes against persons includes homicide, assault, sex crimes, and crimes against children.  These crimes are emotionally challenging to investigate and require an outstanding professional dedicated to the pursuit of justice for the victims of these heinous acts.  Additionally, the Sheriff’s Office has a detail dedicated to the investigation of crimes involving domestic relationships as defined by statue.  These crimes are particularly difficult to work through as the complexities of familial relationships often hinder the collection of evidence and cooperation of witnesses.  Detectives assigned to domestic violence have received additional training and often are called to act beyond the duties of a detective as they provide additional resources to the victims of domestic violence. 

The Sex Offender Compliance Unit is responsible for Federal and State of Missouri mandated registration of over registered sex offenders in Lincoln County.  The unit is comprised of specially trained personnel.  The Registrar is the liaison between Lincoln County and the State of Missouri for cyclical registrations and reporting of a sex offender’s personal information.  The Compliance Investigator thoroughly checks that the information provided by the offender is accurate.  If a discrepancy is found, the Compliance Investigator will compile detailed evidence and present a referral for prosecution for the felony crime of Failure to Register as a Sex Offender.  Registered Sex Offenders are required by law to keep their personal information up to date to include but not limited to home, work, and temporary addresses, on-line accounts and activity, vehicle owned and/or operated.  Additionally, registered sex offenders may not participate in Halloween activities or live within 1,000 feet of a school or daycare facility, may not loiter within 500 feet of a school, daycare, playground, park, or swimming pool.  Failing any of this restriction may also result in the felony crime of Failure to Register as a Sex Offender.

The property crimes unit is responsible for the investigation of stealing, burglary, property damage and similar crimes.  The unit uses modern investigative techniques and partners with LCSO Intelligence analysis team to identify trends, identify methodologies, and recognize linkages to crimes in order to clear related cases.  

The Crime Scene Unit is made up of civilian employees who are responsible for processing Crime Scenes within the county as well as assisting other agencies at their request. Members of the Crime Scene Unit also handle the storage of evidentiary items that are seized by the department. This includes identifying appropriate laboratory options for analysis and ensuring evidence is submitted for analysis accordingly. Additionally, the Crime Scene Unit administratively provides evidence to the Prosecuting Attorney’s office for use in trials and releases evidence and/or property to the owners when appropriate and in accordance with LCSO procedures.  

The Investigative Coordinator streamlines operations and acts as a communication nexus between LCSO Criminal Investigations Division external partners, the prosecuting attorney’s office, and the public. The investigative coordinator collates case data to facilitate operational decision making related to case assignment, submission, and prosecution. The coordinator monitors Key Performance indicators (KPIs) which are used to allocate resources using data-driven decision making.

Criminal Investigations Division (CID) Contact Information:

  • For general inquiries or to speak with an investigator:  636-462-6470
  • To leave a tip (anonymous or not):  636-462-6513
Crime Scene Technician