• Lead with Character: Responsibility – Accountability – Service
    We lead by example, putting our values into action . We do the right thing Always!
  • Action with Compassion: Observe – Listen – Understand – Assist
    We recognize that everyone we encounter experience challenges, hopes , and fears . Compassion is what allows us to identify where we are needed and what we can do to help.
  • Build Through Teamwork: Connect – Communicate – Collaborate
    We embrace partnerships with community members to achieve public safety goals.<
  • Respect Diversity: Inclusion – Respect – Empowerment
    We are considerate , treat others with dignity and respect without bias or prejudice, suspends our judgments in a way that encourages others to share their opinions, allowing us to hear and understand the true meaning of what others are saying, to find common ground, and work to achieve shared goals.
  • Honor Our Commitments: Dedication – Client Focused – Meet Expectations
    We uphold the public trust and honor our commitments to the organization , each other , our families , and the citizens we serve We will do everything within our power to meet expectations.
  • Create the Future: Innovation – Leadership Development – Continuous Improvement
    Through continuous personal and professional development, we enrich our lives and are better prepared to tackle whatever challenges we may face. We invest in one another to grow as a team and as individuals.
  • Deliver Results: Results Orientation – Prioritization & Planning – Strategic
    Perspective We are Guardians – Protectors of our community. We meet every challenge with thoughtful consideration , enthusiasm , and a sense of purpose. We are focused on strategic outcomes , making values – based decisions that drive our actions to accomplish meaningful results.