Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office Partners with 4Sight Labs to Implement OverWatch System


Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office Partners with 4Sight Labs to Implement OverWatch System 

Targeted Focus to Enhance Inmate Safety and Prevent In-Custody Tragedies 


Troy, MO (April 16, 2024) – The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to announce the deployment of the Overwatch system into the Lincoln County Jail. OverWatch is innovative technology that provides continuous, comprehensive inmate biometric monitoring, aiming to enhance safety measures and prevent in-custody tragedies related to substance abuse. Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office is the first jurisdiction in our region to implement 4Sight Labs advanced technology, solidifying our commitment to inmate wellness and combating the devastating impacts of substance abuse.  

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office will receive 10 OverWatch sensors and one router, enabling the ability to monitor inmates throughout the custody journey, from arrest to detention. The OverWatch system’s advanced features, including real-time alerts, data analytics, and seamless information sharing, will complement and enhance the Sheriff’s Office’s ongoing efforts to improve jail safety and wellness. 

The OverWatch system’s continuous biometric monitoring capabilities enables early detection and intervention in cases of medical distress related to drug use. By providing real-time data on vital signs such as heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and skin temperature, the system will alert staff to potential emergencies, allowing for prompt medical attention and potentially saving lives. 

“Partnering with 4Sight Labs to bring their revolutionary OverWatch system, marks a pivotal milestone in our mission to prevent tragic incidents and address the complex challenges surrounding substance abuse,” said Sheriff Rick Harrell.  

John DeFalco, CEO of 4Sight Labs, expressed his admiration for the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office’s proactive approach, stating, “Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office is an agency that prioritizes inmate safety and is willing to embrace innovative solutions. Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and 4Sight Labs represent a significant milestone in the fight against substance abuse and in-custody deaths. By combining cutting-edge technology with a dedication to inmate welfare, this collaboration sets a new standard for detention centers and jail facilities nationwide.” 

The OverWatch system’s implementation will begin immediately, with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office working closely with 4Sight Labs to ensure a smooth integration into the existing safety protocols. 

For more information about the OverWatch system and the partnership between 4Sight Labs and the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, please contact: 

Sheriff Rick Harrell 

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office 



Sherri Hughes-Smith 

4Sight Labs 



About 4Sight Labs 

4Sight Labs pioneers biometric monitoring solutions to enhance visibility, accountability, and prevention within custody environments. Its innovative technologies transform public health strategies in law enforcement and correctional facilities, cementing compassionate technology as a new standard across the custody continuum. 

About Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office 

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office is committed to providing professional law enforcement services to the residents and visitors of Lincoln County, Missouri. The Sheriff’s Office strives to maintain the highest standards of integrity, professionalism, and dedication in its mission to protect and serve the community by safeguarding life, protecting property, and preserving the peace.